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Avoid Demolition! How to Get Lagos Building Approval

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Don’t let your dream building turn into a nightmare! Building without a permit in Lagos can result in hefty fines, delays, or even demolition. This guide equips you with all the need-to-know information about building permits in Lagos.

What Is a Building approval lagos


A building permit is a formal document issued by a local government that grants permission to proceed with construction on a specific site. It verifies that your proposed building design adheres to zoning regulations, building codes, and safety guidelines. It ensures your project aligns with the overall development plan for the area.

Think of it as an official go-ahead from the government saying your construction project meets their requirements and won’t cause any safety hazards or zoning violations.

Why You Need a Building Permit

  • Safety: Permitted buildings undergo a review to guarantee structural integrity and fire safety compliance.
  • Legality: Building without a permit is illegal and can lead to penalties.
  • Increased Property Value: Permitted buildings generally have a higher market value.
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Risks of Skipping the Permit

  • Financial Penalties: The Lagos State Government can impose significant fines.
  • Project Delays: Authorities can halt construction until a permit is obtained.
  • Demolition: In severe cases, the government may order demolition. According to Vanguard Newspaper Lagos sets to demolish unapproved buildings in July and you may be asked to pay for demolition (Punch Newspaper).
  • Selling/Renting Troubles: The lack of a permit can significantly hinder your ability to sell or rent your property.

Stages of the Building Permit Process

  1. Pre-application meeting (optional): Discuss your project with a LASBCA official to get guidance.
  2. Application submission: Submit documents through e-PPPS or at the LASBCA District Office.
  3. Screening and Fee Payment: LASBCA will assess your application for completeness. Once approved, you’ll pay a screening fee.
  4. Technical Review: A thorough review by LASBCA engineers ensures compliance with building codes.
  5. Issuance of Building Permit: Upon successful review, LASBCA will issue your permit.
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How to Apply: Online and Offline Options

How to Apply for building permit in Lagos

The Lagos State Government offers the Electronic Physical Planning Permit System (e-PPPS) for faster processing times. Some reports suggest approvals can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes for qualified applications.

Online Application via e-PPPS

    • Gather required documents in digital format.
    • Register and create an application on the e-PPPS website.
    • Upload documents and pay the screening fee.
    • Address any revisions requested and await approval.
    • Collect your permit and endorsed drawings upon completion.

Physical Submission at District Office

    • Obtain physical copies of all required documents.
    • Visit the District Office serving your project area.
    • Submit your application and documents and pay the screening fee.
    • Follow up on the application and pay remaining fees upon approval.
    • Collect your permit and endorsed drawings upon completion.
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Documents Required

Documents Required for building permit

  • Architectural drawings
  • Survey plan
  • Structural drawings with engineer’s certification
  • Title documents and tax clearances
  • (Project-specific documents may apply)

Fees and Timeline

  • The total cost varies depending on your project size and complexity.
  • Standard processing time is 28 days after the screening stage.
  • Complexity, completeness of application, and site inspection can affect the timeline.

Collection of the Building Permit

  • Upon approval, you can collect your building permit which includes:
    • Endorsed drawings (architectural, structural, electrical/mechanical if applicable)
    • Planning permit letter
    • Form ‘C’ for Stage Certification (required for Certificate of Completion)

Additional Considerations

  • Involve qualified professionals like architects and engineers registered with COREN.
  • Cooperate with site inspections by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation from LASBCA after construction.


Obtaining a building permit is essential for safe and legal construction in Lagos. By following this guide and working with qualified professionals, you can ensure a smooth and successful building project.

Remember: Refer to the Lagos State Government websites and e-PPPS for further information and detailed guidelines.

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